Fresh New Looks

Fresh New Looks

  • Cleaning is only part of making a room look inviting.

    Check out some of these beautifully simple makeover ideas.

Fresh New Looks

  • Hotel Bath

    Bring a bit of that pampered hotel feeling into your own home. Between everyday cotton balls and mouthwash, mix in a few of those nice-to-haves to make every day a little more luxurious.

    • Apothecary Jars: Grab different sizes of glass vessels and fill with loofahs, soaps or bath salts.
    • Plush Towels: Choose Egyptian cotton or micro-cotton. Both are super soft and absorbent. Stick with white for a classic hotel look.
    • Mirrors: Hang decorative mirrors from ribbons as a focal point.
    • Subway Tile: It's timeless in nearly every style of home. Use it for shower walls or backsplash.
    • Soothing Tones: Soft blues or grays keep the tone calm. Our pick: Benjamin Moore Nantucket Fog.
    • Fresh Flowers: It's the room we often miss when adding a floral touch, but a little vase of roses can perk up the mood in the morning.
    • Good Hand Soaps: Keep it out in a nice dish or on a favorite plate where it's pretty, smells good and feels fancy.
Hotel Bath
  • Nantucket Style

    A look so clean and crisp, you can almost smell that salty ocean breeze. Give your own kitchen a little New England pep with a few key coastal accents.

    • Wicker: Nantucket is famous for its wicker baskets. Translate that simple woven look with a lantern-style pendant.
    • Stripes: Nothing channels classic island preppy faster than iconic stripes. A blue dishtowel or rug will do the trick.
    • Sand: Bring the beach inside—fill mason jars with sand, shells and white candles.
    • Wood: Reclaimed or repurposed wood accents give that beach-worn feel without looking too country.
    • Color: A little goes a long way. Stick to an all-American palette of blue and white with a few hints of red or yellow.
    • Rope: Wrap thick, sturdy nautical rope inside oversized jars or hang it from the dinner bell.
Nantucket Style
  • Touch of Natural

    A stripped down laundry room dressed in whites and neutrals evokes the ultimate clean—and green—space.

    • Beadboard: Start with the timeless backdrop of white, vertical lines.
    • Jute: Cover the linoleum with a durable rug made of natural fibers.
    • Baskets: Ditch the plastic for sturdy baskets and hampers and totes.
    • Glass Jars: Display your soaps, sponges and detergents in glass jars. It looks clean and uncluttered—and keeps items in reach.
    • Wooden Hangers: Keep a few on hand for air-drying items.
    • Clothespins: They'll become your all-purpose clip for clothes, chips, recipes and more when not shoved in a drawer.
    • Fragrance: Keep the room smelling good with your favorite natural home scent, such as real, dried lavender.
Touch of Natural
  • Industrial Cool

    It's the man's garage every woman could love. Keep tools and equipment organized with bright and durable solutions to get each job done faster.

    • Task Lighting: Suspend metal or cage pendants (opt for bold color!) for an eye-catching overhead light source.
    • Pegboard: The extreme organizing solution. It holds dozens of hooks and hides not-so-lovely unfinished garage walls.
    • Stool: Keep a colorful footstool nearby for when you need a lift.
    • Soft Flooring: Popular, modular carpet squares can be combined for a small doormat or a full-size checkerboard floor. Look for style meant for heavy traffic.
    • Epoxy Paint: Dust off the concrete and coat it in a high-gloss blue or gray epoxy for that dazzling showroom look.
    • Toolbox: Stash steel wool, heavy-duty sponges and rags close by for when you're gearing up to clean.
Industrial Cool
  • Schoolhouse Fun

    Give that all-purpose craft table the back-to-school treatment. Organize supplies to inspire and encourage creativity.

    • DIY Bulletin Board: Cover a large bulletin board with batting and fabric—choose neutral linen or a happy print.
    • Chalkboard: Hang a framed chalkboard to keep to-do lists, love notes or reminders.
    • File System: Use it as your inbox/outbox or stash construction and craft paper.
    • Wall Hangings: A sloping ribbon or string with binder clips can hang up artwork, photos or invites. Instant organization!
    • Jars: Get goodies like pipe cleaners, googly eyes and ribbons out of the closet and onto the counter.
    • ABCs: Choose a letter or two (such as your family initial), for a big graphic statement.
Schoolhouse Fun